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Noble People


Noble People is a London-based contemporary art platform connecting artists across spaces and disciplines.

Through collaborations with established and emerging contemporary artists, capsule projects are released routinely via online and offline.

An overarching goal to address contemporary issues, and romanticise everyday objects and experiences, naturally creates a sprawling artist community, facilitating new connections and understandings across global cultures. 

Noble Studios was launched in 2016, presenting public events, residencies, exhibitions and educational initiatives. It developed collaborations with artists, curators and leading arts focused organisations. It is currently moving location for relaunch in early 2018. 

Noble People and Noble Studios actively support bold, experimental, and critical thinking by artists, and present projects that encourage open dialogues, personal expression and freed imagination.

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Noble People offers select print distribution, servicing publications and magazines to the following stockists:


Noble People and Noble Studios have collaborated with ventures such as Vice Media (Birthdays and Kamio), Ace Hotel, WeTransfer, Fête Records, VFILES, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, Kestin Hare, Mainoeuvre Gallery and Soho Revue Gallery, and have been featured in the following media outlets:
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